Home Care Instructions

We not only want to treat your dental needs comfortably in our office, but rather ensure your comfort at home as well.  The following list will aid in healing and comfort after leaving our office.


When used, your lips and tongue may feel numb for several hours after the procedure.  Please refrain from eating or drinking hot beverages and hard foods until the numbness has completely subsided, to avoid biting or burning areas of your mouth.  Once subsided it is normal to experience some forms of hot and cold sensitivity, this should gradually subside.  In addition, it is also normal to have soreness at the injection site.  Normal aches and pain medications(ibuprofen, tylenol, aspirin, etc.) work well to alleviate the symptoms.  Do not hesitate to call our office if you have persistent discomfort lasting more than a few days or any questions.

Composite (white) / Amalgam (silver) Fillings

It is common to have sensitivity to hot and cold following a dental filling.  The sensitivity should gradually decrease as the tooth becomes accustom to the new filling.  Sometimes while numb, you might not bite the same as when you have full feeling in your teeth and jaw muscles.  Therefore, your bite might feel uneven or off after the anesthesia (novacaine) wears off.  If this is the case or if you have persistent discomfort call (320.231.1739) our office immediately to schedule an appointment to have it evaluated.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges usually take two visits to complete.  On the initial visit the teeth are prepared, impressions taken and temporary crowns or bridges are placed.  These temporaries serve a pivotal role in protecting the underlying tooth from moving and sensitivity.  To aid in the temporaries stabilization please avoid chewing  sticky foods(gum, caramel, etc.), hard foods(nuts, ice, etc.), and if possible chew on the other side of your mouth until the permanent crown or bridge is seated.  In addition, it is essential to brush your teeth as normal including the temporary; however, please refrain from flossing around the temporary to avoid dislodging it from the underlying tooth.

If the temporary crown or bridge happens to come off,  call us immediately and bring the temporary with you so that we can recemet it in place. 

It is normal to have some hot and cold sensitivity, as well as gum tenderness.  Your gums might be sore for a few days.  If so, warm salt water rinses (8oz. warm water with 1 teaspoon table salt) after every meal will aid in reducing the tenderness in addition to normal pain medication(ibuprofen, tylenol, aspirin, etc.)